Why you’ll love Quick-Step vinyl flooring

Livyn plank

What is vinyl flooring?

Livyn luxury vinyl flooring consists of five different layers. This not only results in a waterproof floor with sound-reducing properties, it also gives your feet a very warm and soft surface to walk on. Still, vinyl floors remain exceptionally thin: perfect for renovations.

  1. A high-performance top layer: this protective layer with Scratch and Stain Guard technology protects your floors from dirt, stains and scratches, and makes them easy to clean and maintain. The extra matt gloss finish guarantees a natural look.

  2. A fine-printed vinyl decor layer: the high-grade printing technique used for this layer gives your vinyl floor its unique and authentic appearance.

  3. A strong impact-resistant vinyl core: this waterproof and sound-reducing vinyl core provides comfort and durability.

  4. An extra stabilising layer: this layer contains super dense glass fibres to give the vinyl floor additional dimensional stability. 

  5. A highly efficient impact-resistant vinyl backing: this moisture-resistant layer guarantees a perfectly balanced floor board which prevents cupping or warping.

Naturally looking

Livyn luxury vinyl floors are a delight for your eyes and feet. Not only do their beautiful designs and perfectly matching accessories give your floor a natural look like no other. Their soft and comfortable surface structures also make them a joy to walk on, even barefoot.

Quick & easy installation

The Uniclic Multifit system for Livyn makes installing your vinyl floor faster and easier than ever before.

Quality & durability

Vinyl flooring can easily endure the rough and tumble of everyday life. The fully-sealed top layer with Stain Guard and Scratch Guard technology keeps your vinyl floors free of scratches, stains and dirt.

Real-life designs

Livyn luxury vinyl flooring comes in a multitude of colours and designs, each with a unique and authentic appearance. From real-life details to stunning structures and fascinating colour variations: are you ready for picking your favourite floor?


Livyn luxury vinyl floors are exceptionally thin, making them the perfect innovation material. You can simply choose to lay them on top of existing, level floor coverings as well.

More than just a floor

Quick-Step offers all the necessary tools and accessories to install, finish and maintain your vinyl floor in the blink of an eye.